SAFETRACE USA™ is a free, fast, secure and bilingual solution for businesses to collect patron and employee information per state guidelines across USA. Our platform is updated as regulations change to support your evolving business needs, ensuring you are always up to date with current regulations.

We know that local businesses want to keep their customers and employees safe, and that Americans want to support local businesses, however they are apprehensive. That’s why GroundLevel Insights started SAFETRACE USA™ – a platform to help businesses restore consumer confidence, supporting healthy environments while ensuring the safety of their data.

Whether you are managing a bar, restaurant, museum, gym, workspace, educational institution, event or gathering, SAFETRACE USA™ is exactly what you need. Use SAFETRACE USA™ to collect & keep COVID-19 contact tracing data such as name, email, phone number, and screening questions.

Protecting data


Protecting guests


Protecting employees


Protecting the community


SAFETRACE USA™ started as an idea to help local businesses across USA as they struggled to bring customers back.

We believed that we could use our expertise in movement science and data security to
provide businesses with a fast, secure, solution to collect patron and employee information per city guidelines, so they could
ease their customers concerns and eliminate the pain of manual data collection and

How It Works

QR code scan

Scan the code

Scan the QR to go to a custom branded landing page for the business.


Submit contact info

Just type in mandatory contract tracing information and answer the COVID-19 symptoms screening questions.


Enter & Enjoy

Show your final screen with the green check mark, enter and enjoy your time, knowing your health and data are safe.

Our Partners

SAFETRACE USA™ is a nationwide initiative created by GroundLevel Insights and an ecosystem of business partners who are providing this service to their clients.

If you are a service provider to any business that needs to collect patron and/or employee information, and want to help your clients business to succeed, please join us in “Keeping Americans Safe”.

Contact us for more information.

What We Provide

Secure online portal SAFETRACE USA™ is a fast, secure, free solution for businesses to collect patron information per state Covid-19 guidelines. Through a QR Code created specific to your business, patrons/employees are routed to a safe and secure, branded landing page requiring simple contact information to be entered. All SAFETRACE USA™ data is stored securely. 
Regularly updated data fields
COVID regulations are constantly evolving. Our data fields and templates have been updated to reflect the state guidelines (including colour zones). If something isn’t there that you need, let us know, we will get it done at no cost to you.

Custom landing page
Patrons/employees scan the business QR Code from their personal cell phone via camera mode or a QR Code scanning app. After scanning, patrons/employees are brought to your business’s branded landing page where they put in their information, as well as enter additional guests information (if required) all on the same page. Once the information required is submitted, the individual receives a green check to confirm completion.


Communication management
If you are notified that someone in your establishment has been infected, all you need to do is contact us, and we will provide the local health authorities with a list of all customers that may have been exposed.
It’s that easy.

Small business kit
Our toolkit has everything you need to show your customers that they come first; you care about their health and data safety. Here are a few tools to support your customer interactions: Post on Social Media, use stickers and GIFs, display in store.
Click to download

Why You Need This



Bars/Restaurants and other small businesses do not need to worry about managing data in a secure, privacy compliant framework.
We will make sure of that!



Pen and paper lists are risky!
We’ve all experienced the hassle and discomfort of having to write our contact info on a paper sheet using a shared pen.  Our platform offers the most hygienic solution!



We are all worried that our phone numbers are open to the misuse of anyone who can have a sneak peak at the tracing info paper. Make your customers feel secure, let them know their info directly goes to the secure database with no one else seeing.



We want to help you manage the data easily while restoring consumer confidence. Our platform has been updated to collect the latest requirements, and data is only provided to public health on request in case of a positive test associated with your environment and automatically deleted after 30 days.

Contact Us


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